Where Do Swingers Meet?

The ever present question for couples looking to enter into the swinging lifestyle is, “ Where do swingers meet ?” With the top important rule for swinging being safety, it is important to thoroughly research any situation before committing to it. There are several ways couples, and singles, interested in exploring the swing lifestyle can meet others who share the same interests and desires. Though a swinger party may be by invitation only, there are swinger clubs in most major cities throughout the United States dedicated to allowing swingers to meet in a safe environment.

One of the ways large groups of swinging couples can meet for an uninhibited few days is on swingers’ cruises. Swingers’ cruises book passage only to couples, or select singles, who are interested and actively participate in the swing lifestyle. Children under the age of 18 are strictly banned from the cruises and many of the cruises take place on world famous luxury liners. The Caribbean is a hot destination for swingers during the summer months, as clothing is not a strict necessity. Cruises often travel to adult only vacation resorts such as Desire and Hedonism. The Caribbean is not the only location for cruises; they also travel to the Galapagos Islands, the Mediterranean and Alaska.

Adult only vacation resorts include Desire, Hedonism, Caliente and Temptation. These resorts cater to those couples and adults who prefer to explore their sexuality in an environment where clothing is optional and the atmosphere is uninhibited. Desires and fantasies, within reason, can be explored safely and couples within the swing lifestyle can meet with other couples who share the same fantasies. If a cruise or luxury vacation resort is out of reach, swinger clubs and swinger parties are a safe local way to meet others who enjoy the lifestyle.